Julius Meinl The Originals

Almost 160 years ago, Julius Meinl has pioneered small-lot hand roasting and, today, we share its fresh take on a craft coffee offering for hotels, restaurants and coffeehouses across the globe. This offering is ideal for the coffee loving professionals who strive to achieve a unique specialty coffee experience that celebrates craftsmanship and the origins of the bean.


Dark Chocolate, hazelnut, floral


This is a 100% Arabica blend with a classic, delicate Viennese taste. With the traditional Viennese roast, the flavours of different origins have been harmoniously combined, bringing strength and richness to the blend.


Medium Dark Roast


Brewing recipe recommended for a double espresso:

Coffee amount: 14-14.5g

Basket size: 14g

Extraction time: 24-25 sec.

Beverage weight per cup: 13-15g

Beverage volume per cup: 24-25ml


Citrus, spice, milk chocolate, roasted almond


This coffee is a treat, combining a strong, modern character with a balanced, indulgent taste. Four origins are selected and carefully roasted till the first crack, so that the uniqueness of all the origins can be fully expressed and produce a refreshing, fruity brightness with a hint of spice.


Light Roast


Brewing recipe recommended for a double espresso:

Coffee amount: 18-18.2g

Basket size: 17g

Extraction time: 23-25 sec.

Beverage weight per cup: 14-15g

Beverage volume per cup: 23-24ml


We at Julius Meinl believe each of our The Originals Limited Edition coffee batches should receive personal engagement as various elements bring nuances to the taste, such as the weather on the day of roasting, the size of the batch and the status of the roaster. Thus, the roasting master stays next to the roaster throughout the day, pulling out a tiny sample of beans, examining them closely...

Smelling them deeply ... putting them back, and repeating. This process is performed again and again over the course of hours, almost hundreds of times a day, just as it has been done daily for years. Each pack of Julius Meinl THE ORIGINALS Limited Edition is roasted with the utmost care by our roasting master, who has signed this pack to personally certify its quality.


Whiskey Barrel Aged Arabica

(Specially processed coffee)


Julius Meinl Whiskey Barreld aged coffee is a special seasonal coffee, wet hulled and slowly aged over weeks in Single Malt Scotch Whisky oak barrels. Resulting in an exceptional, unique taste.



A distinct Scotch Whisky taste with spicy notes reminding of cloves, rounded off with a delicate dark chocolate

bitterness & a fine yellow stone fruit acidity.


Light roast


Brewing recipe recommended for a double espresso:

Amount of coffee: 16 g

Amount of fluid: 32 g

Basket size: 14 g

Contact time: 26 sec

Temperature: 92° C

The recommended Julius Meinl The Originals package for our customers contains:

  • Two espresso blends with constant quality proven by SCA experts
  • A state-of-the-art La Marzocco Linea PB machine
  • Cups in The Originals design according to SCA standard
  • Available Limited edition hand-roasted specialty seasonal single origins
  • Suitable brewing equipment and point-of-sale materials