Coffee branding that tells a story

Every business needs to feel distinctive. With branding, activations and portfolio strategies, you can encourage people to come and relax in your outlets. Our team can help you increase revenue through branded materials and activities.

Drive traffic to your outlets

To attract customers and encourage them to try  your service, you need the right concept for your audience. Do they want to relax with familiar favourites and enjoy traditional recipes or try new trends and unusual blends? Are they looking for a quick service or to take their time with a unique ritual?

Our marketing team has the know-how and experience to develop successful concepts that will appeal to your customers, satisfy their needs and uplift your sales. Let’s captivate your customers together.

The spirit of the Viennese Coffee House

Julius Meinl has been the ambassador for Viennese Coffee House Culture since 1862. The enduring charm and appeal of these much-loved venues has been recognised globally by UNESCO. It can be brought to life  in specific branding and communication activities.


Discover Coffee House Culture

Known for its premium quality, the Julius Meinl name and logo are widely recognised.. Our stylish branded materials attract and reassure customers around the world.


We offer a range of cups, signs, professional clothing and other accessories in both modern and timeless styles. Our team is happy to develop tailormade creative concepts, and can tempt your guests with menu cards, table tents, posters, door hangers and more.


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Ignite interest, inspire trust

Service worth staying for

A single coffee in Vienna is traditionally served in a porcelain cup, alongside a glass of water with a spoon balanced on top — all delivered on a silver tray along with the day’s newspaper. By ordering this, a customer is entitled to linger for hours, soaking up the ambience.


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The Viennese coffeehouse is like my second living room – it is here that I win my everyday inspiration.

Packaging is important in premium coffee and we’ve developed ours with the greatest care. It not only keeps in the beautiful aromas and protects the quality, but also catches the eye. 


Star designer Matteo Thun developed the Julius Meinl professional line, inspired by the theme of Wiener Werkstätte, an artistic genre founded by Josef Hoffmann in 1903. It uses patterns to create a truly distinctive design, fusing our heritage with contemporary art to bring creative flair to your venue.

Design for professional clients

The unique design of our at-home coffee range brings together the following elements:

  • Branding with an aroma motif: the coffee connoisseur savours a moment of pleasure
  • “Wiener Werkstätte” pattern: exclusive patterns in this style decorate the variants
  • Fonts inspired by Viennese Art Nouveau, bringing 19th Century glamour into today

Design for customers at home

Why have a Julius Meinl event?

  •   Surprise and engage with your customers through our brand activations
  •   Excite your customers by offering them a moment of inspiration
  •   Increase customer satisfaction and loyalty
  •   Promote your event with point-of-sale marketing support and digital assets
  •   Have your campaign covered by digital and print media around the world
  •   Invite customers and colleagues to contribute to better world with our global initiatives

Engage customers with events

Take a moment to browse our timeline


Famous designer Joseph Binder creates the iconic Julius Meinl logo. The Viennese poster artist was asked by Julius Meinl II. to create a fictional character to represent the story of how coffee appeared in Vienna. Binder drew a young Ottoman coffee expert raising a cup to his mouth.


Italian star designer Matteo Thun recreates the logo in its simplified, monochrome-red form. The classic logo reminds him of Viennese Baroque angels and he incorporates this into his design. Not only is Thun responsible for the logo redesign, but also for translating it into 3 dimensions. A red fez (hat) is central in this design, found upside down in the shape of cups, jugs and glasses. “The typical Meinl logo is fantastic –extremely graceful. It stands for tradition and a pioneering spirit – namely for bringing coffee to Austria. We have given the figure a new coat of paint and tried to capture the elegance of Viennese coffee house culture.”


Julius Meinl builds the largest coffee house in the world between the Natural History and History of Art Museums on Vienna’s Ringstrasse during the 2008 European football championship.


Julius Meinl celebrates its 150th anniversary. The company holds a special event on the famous Graben in Vienna. For a week, an eye-catching coffee house shaped like a huge espresso machine – the ‘Meinl’s Café 150’ – stands on one of the city’s busiest high-end streets, attracting tourists and locals alike


October 1st. As the holidays end, the passengers in the Bucharest subway are surprised with an entire carriage decorated with poems written on post-its, ready to be taken home as souvenirs. In a morning press conference, opinion leaders discuss the importance of poetry in our daily lives. The surprise continues with another subway carriage brightening up the passengers’ day with poetry on their way back home.


October 25th. Over 6,300 people write poems, rhymes or verses ‑ without being artists, poets, musicians or writers. The poems, written on napkins, are used as currency in exchange for a Julius Meinl coffee all over Romania. For a day, the cost of a coffee isn’t expressed in terms of money, but in words.


November 15th. Julius Meinl presents a coffee house dedicated to poetry in Bucharest. Inside, a robot writes the words of our generation on the walls. The poems written by the robot – in real time – are submitted by customers and fans via an app on the Julius Meinl Facebook page.


Pay with a Poem is a huge global success. On World Poetry Day 2015, over 100,000 people show the world that feelings are more valuable than money. Our initiative “Pay with a Poem” is another chapter in our mission to make the world a better place with the power of poetry.


March. Julius Meinl teams up with Robert Montgomery, whose mission is to keep poetry alive. Robert Montgomery spreads his thought-provoking messages through installations in unexpected urban sites including Tempelhof Airport in Berlin, the gardens of the Louvre, the C24 gallery in New York and under bridges in East London. People passing by read and enjoy poems.


October. Julius Meinl challenges people in 10 countries to show their feelings again, in the first edition of ‘Meet with a Poem’. Through our profile app, you can swap your profile picture for a poetic one to discover a meaningful way to connect. On World Coffee Day, the coffee for true love is on us.


March. We’re all unique. We have different jobs and habits. But even if we don’t speak the same language, there’s a powerful voice inside us that never gets lost in translation; it’s the voice of our feelings. On World Poetry Day 2017, people are invited to awaken their inner poets.


October. In any relationship, things are left unsaid. Things like: “I love you. I’m sorry. I miss you. Thank you. Don’t go. I was wrong…” Words don’t come easy when we have to spell these feelings out. But with encouragement, we can express them in a beautiful way. On World Coffee Day 2017, we celebrate the opportunity to sit down with a coffee and say what’s been left unsaid.


The famous British singer JP Cooper joins our movements by writing a new song. We show that poetry is the soul of music. It hasn’t always felt accessible, but music is the universal language which helps people engage with lyrics and feelings in unexpected ways


Julius Meinl introduces its online series, Chasing Poems. In a technology-driven world, you can feel disconnected. We encourage people to enjoy the small things, to sip a coffee and be in the moment. Our global ambassador, British singer-songwriter Tom Odell guest-hosts the first episode aired on the day of ‘Pay with a Poem’ 2019.