Espresso Tonic: Curtain up for your new favourite iced coffee

February is here and at this point we’ve all had enough of the cold and dark winter days. But something special is in the air already.... do you feel it too? That's right, spring is just around the corner! And in order for you to get in the sunshine mood, we’ve prepared just the right thing for you today. The Espresso Tonic - a classic iced coffee recipe that must not be missed.

If you're a coffee lover who doesn't want to spend ages in the kitchen on the preparation, this iced coffee recipe is just the thing for you. Quick and easy to make at home, with ingredients you probably have stocked in your fridge anyway. 

Simple, yet refined – the Espresso Tonic has a lot to offer. It is not only the taste that convinces both, the long-established coffee lovers and also all newcomers to the world of coffee. This refreshing drink ensures 100% good mood and a positive energy kick. It’s the perfect way to escape the winter blues and transport yourself straight into summer. Just put on your favourite music playlist in the background, and the summer holiday feelings at home are guaranteed.

At this point, how big are your cravings to try it out? High, right? So enough of the talking, here comes our Espresso Tonic recipe: 

Serving: for 1 serving


What you’ll need:

  • ice cubes
  • 1ooml tonic water (standard Indian tonic, or spice things up with a flavour!)
  • fresh lemon 
  • fresh ginger 
  • double espresso
  • optional: fresh rosemary to garnish


1. Fill you glass with ice cubes 

2. Add 100ml of tonic water

3. Spice things up with slices of fresh lemon and ginger to your taste 

4. Prepare a double shot of espresso and pour it over the glass 

5. Garnish with a twig of fresh rosemary  

6. Enjoy your refreshing moment! 


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