You enjoy the moment. We’ll do the rest.

We’re dedicating World Coffee Day 2022 to our commitment to make coffee better for you, and future generations. 

We'll take care of making your coffee more sustainable, so all you need to worry about is enjoying the moment.

 That’s why we’re saying to you in the spirit of this special day celebrating the beloved brown bean – You enjoy the moment. We’ll do the rest.

We’re planting a tree with the Jane Goodall Institute on behalf of every hospitality outlet that chooses to serve Julius Meinl’s responsibly sourced coffee on October 1st.

This small step makes a huge difference – a single tree can absorb 60kg of carbon over a decade. This will see more than 150 million coffees worth of CO2 sequestered. 

Plus, those in our coffee-loving community that order a responsibly sourced Julius Meinl coffee from a participating outlet on World Coffee Day will receive a 1+1 complimentary coffee voucher to celebrate the sustainable steps we’re taking together.

A small voucher to send a big message

Order a coffee at a location brewing our premium beans on World Coffee Day to pledge your support for the locations signing up for this sustainable initiative and receive a 1+1 complimentary coffee voucher that can be redeemed throughout October. 

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How it works

First, make sure you find out what awesome locations are serving up Julius Meinl coffee in your area. Then pay them a visit on October 1st and follow these steps:


Order a coffee on World Coffee Day (October 1)


Receive your 1+1 coffee voucher


Plan a coffee date with someone special in October

4. Redeem your voucher upon your visit

Julius Meinl is on a mission to make coffee in HoReCa more sustainable and we’re encouraging our partners to join us on this journey. 

We’re planting a tree in the name of every partner that joins us in making this step by choosing to serve our responsibly sourced coffee this World Coffee Day. 

The trees planted on behalf of these locations are part of the Jane Goodall Institute’s Reforestation project in Tanzania. This project aims, in cooperation with representatives from local villages, to preserve and protect forests that are an essential habitat for millions of different animal and plant species. 

The focus for this World Coffee Day lies on Julius Meinl’s coffee products, which are responsibly sourced with several blends meeting internationally recognised sustainability standards as established for instance by Fairtrade or our own program, the Columbian Heritage Project. 

This World Coffee Day initiatives are part of broader ambitious plans built into the Julius Meinl strategy that has environmental and social stewardship at its core. 

Photo: © Jane Goodall Institute

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Every hospitality partner that serves Julius Meinl’s responsibly sourced coffee will have a tree planted on their behalf.

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