A passion for Premium Coffee

Our coffee products are crafted through the constant care of coffee artisans. They are the culmination of five generations of passion and the hard work of our teams. We combine all this expertise to ensure you bring your customers the finest cups of premium coffee.

The taste of coffee that people love

Today, premium coffee gives people a moment of pleasure in their day. For us, the story started over 150 years ago when Julius Meinl I invented a new coffee roasting technique to bring out the greatest flavour from the beans. He was the first to set the standards for coffee.


Our premium coffee range is designed for hotels, restaurants and any other business wanting to treat guests to exceptional quality, delicious taste and contemporary design all in one.

The unique portfolio includes whole bean coffees and ground coffees in various sizes. Choose from 100% Arabica coffees, either from a single region or blended for a perfect balance, as well as exquisite Arabica and Robusta blends, with roasts from light to dark to to satisfy even the most discerning customers. Order your premium coffee, including specialty and certified coffee, from the experts at Julius Meinl.

Being passionate about coffee, we want to know the people who take care of it and to see first-hand how the beans are grown and processed. This is what Julius Meinl I did, and we are proud to continue his legacy.

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