Hotel coffee for your venue

Food and beverages are vital income generators for hotels. Julius Meinl brings you tailormade solutions to help you to stay a cut above the competition. We understand the challenges of running a busy hotel business and can help you maximise the value of hotel coffee, tea and other hot drinks.


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Generating income for your hotel business

Hotels open their doors to leisure and business guests with a diverse range of needs and priorities. Our team has tremendous experience in this sector and can help you take full advantage of every opportunity and moment.


We appreciate all the pleasures and pressures involved in running a successful hotel as you work to satisfy guests and convince them to book a return visit.

You can take advantage of:

  • A wide range of premium hotel coffee and tea products for every taste
  • Our help to enhance any visit with small moments of pleasure and indulgence
  • Expert training for your team to perfect their coffee and tea service
  • Commitment to long-term relationships with hotels.

Managing Director of Julius Meinl Austria

Christina Meinl

Hotels are an important customer base for us because they are able to offer a full spectrum of coffee drinking occasions whether it be breakfast, in-room or for events. The good news is that we offer premium solutions for each occasion.


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Coffee service in all hotel areas

Uplifting breakfasts

Success starts with giving your guests a great start to their day. We understand that you need to serve a high quantity of people in a short time period and that this complimentary offer must balance quality with cost efficiency. Whether you are serving hot drinks or allowing self-service, we offer the products, machines and training.

Welcoming lobby and bar

The lobby and bar areas in a hotel have a high footfall and make a big impression. In these versatile spaces, you can create a coffee house atmosphere during the day and cocktail bar feel at night. We can provide a range of appealing products, with premium presentation and To-Go options. 

In-room convenience

An in-room coffee and tea service must be satisfying and easy to use. Our team will help you to ensure it’s no hassle for your guests to enjoy hotel coffee and tea in the comfort of their rooms. We are the hotel coffee supplier with  a full range of products, a look and feel to complement your styling and the cost-efficiency required for a complimentary service.

Appetising restaurants

The best meals are rounded off with excellent coffee. At Julius Meinl, we know how to satisfy any palate. Our portfolio of products and services will satisfy your needs, whether you’re running a self-service buffet on an all–inclusive program or a celebrity chef à la carte restaurant designed to attract local patrons.

Bustling conferences and events

Good quality coffee and tea helps to keep event guests motivated and inspired. In a seminar or banquet area, you need to cater for the needs of large groups of business visitors or family groups. We can bring you any solution to suit the demands  of the event hosts and needs of the guests.

Handy takeaways

Takeaway and To-Go coffee and tea options are becoming more and more popular. We will help you to make sure your hotel coffee and hotel tea service is high quality, fast and convenient. It should attract attention in a clearly visible location with attractive promotional materials.

Beach and pool relaxation

Lying on the beach or by the pool is one of the high points of any holiday or a business trip. An iced coffee, a tea or a shot of Espresso helps guests to enjoy the moment. Our offer includes summer drinks, attractive equipment for beach and bar, serving accessories and communication materials.

Revitalising spa and wellness

A visit to a spa or thermal hotel is a treat for mind and body. Tea is the perfect drink for this occasion and we have an original range to suit this environment. Choose easy-to-use tea preparation equipment, tempting presentation materials and special teas such as herbal teas.


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Products for hotels

Having set the standards for coffee service around the world, Julius Meinl is known for providing exceptional taste. Our carefully-sourced portfolio includes whole bean coffees and ground coffees and whole bean coffees, as well as loose leaf and leaf bag teas to delight the senses.  




Services for hotels

As the hotel coffee brand with a personal service, we get to know each hotelier. We’re ready to support your ambitions and offer not only products, but expert training, machine upkeep and branded materials to promote your business with flair.


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Equipment for hotels

When you think of commercial coffee machines, the iconic espresso machine comes to mind. Far beyond this essential piece of equipment, we supply hotels with everything from wooden tea displays to capsule machines, cups, aprons and finishing touches.



Cups and more

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