Restaurant coffee partner

A special meal should be rounded off with equally fine coffee. Julius Meinl brings you tailormade solutions to suit every dining experience, from modern fusion cuisine to Michelin star restaurants or traditional outlets. We understand the challenges of restaurants and can help you to create the right ambience. 


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Enhancing your restaurant business

In a restaurant, so many elements must come together to delight customers. The aromas, the sounds, the interior decoration, the table service and of course, the food and drinks. Our team has vast experience in this vibrant and competitive industry.


We understand the challenges, pleasures and pressures involved in running a successful restaurant today, as you strive to become a favourite place to eat.  

You can take advantage of:

  • A wide range of premium restaurant coffee and tea products for every taste
  • In-depth knowledge of a dominant player in the gastronomy industry
  • Expert training for your team to perfect their coffee and tea service
  • Commitment to long-term relationships with our customers.

CEO of Julius Meinl

Marcel Löffler

Coffee brings people together. And where there are people talking, discussing, chatting, great ideas are born.


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Food, especially in Italy, is a pleasure. Coffee should be at its best and with a unique taste -like The Originals - to remember everything you've eaten before and celebrate it.

Owner of L'imbuto in Lucca, Italy

Cristiano Tomei

Products for restaurants

Having set the standards for coffee service around the world, Julius Meinl is known for providing exceptional taste. Our carefully-sourced portfolio includes whole bean coffees and ground coffees, as well as loose leaf and leaf bag teas to delight the




Services for restaurants

As the restaurant coffee  and tea supplier with a personal service, we really get to know each restaurant manager. We’re ready to support your ambitions and offer not only our products, but expert training, machine maintenance and branded materials to promote your business with flair.


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Equipment for restaurants

When you think of commercial coffee machines, the iconic espresso machine comes to mind. Far beyond this piece of equipment, we supply restaurants with everything from filter coffee machines to sun shades and all the cups, accessories and finishing touches.



Cups and more


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