How Julius Meinl’s ‘More than a moment’ Message is All About the Stories

Lovers of the coffee bean! Coffee-lovers that speak to their first cup in the morning as if it’s the only one that understands them – Julius Meinl’s ‘More than a moment,’ message is more than just a tagline, it’s a mindset. Because we believe life isn’t about the big events. It is rather about the special small moments that carry true meaning.

Enjoying a good cup of coffee is about engaging all of the senses to inspire the drinker to live in that very moment and enjoy it to the fullest. Interesting science fact – caffeine doesn’t just stimulate the moment, it even boosts our ability to remember the moment.

Moments are full of sensations, smells, tastes, emotions, and thoughts. And while these fleeting scenes of our days are often overlooked, these are the small meaningful moments that make up the mosaic of our lives.


It is exactly this mosaic of moments we want to celebrate every day with our coffee-loving community.

The moments to pause and take time out for yourself, the moments to connect with the people that make you smile and feel all warm and fuzzy inside when you see them.


Moments like when a barista spots their regular customer approaching and already starts making their typical coffee order before the customer is even seated at a table, making them feel like the most special person in the place.


Or the moment when our coffee is swilling around in a takeaway cup of a person who is having a mini victory break after having a breakthrough idea for their new start-up.


Then there’s the most universal Meinl moment of them all – when friends meet in a cafe together and sink into a natural and familiar flow of conversation, with only sips at their coffee punctuating their chatter.


We aim to enhance the small moments like these that add meaning to our lives.



We’ve all been reminded over the last few years about the value of being present in the moment.

This is a universal truth that we all know, yet often find hard to remember, because life – most of the time – has us riding through our days like a leaf with a strong wind at its back.


The past year and all the social distancing has especially shown us how much we crave that human connection. Those social moments that make our days feel fuller and more joyful.


At Julius Meinl, we aim to be a coffee brand that helps people press pause, hold life in suspension for a moment, so they can enjoy it more, feel it more.


With ‘More than a moment,’ as the guiding light for our brand, our challenge will be to craft memorable experiences around every moment that involves a cup of Meinl.

And the recipe we’ll be applying to achieve this is to live loudly and proudly by the pillars of our brand – more quality and expertise, more service, more of that charming Vienna heritage.


Julius Meinl has 160 years of history that is packed with the very meaningful moments we’re talking about.


Like when the Julius Meinl spice shop had the first customers walk through its doors in 1862 and have the flurry of fragrances from the different spices hit their nose.


The Julius Meinl brand was born in Viennese coffee houses.

Anybody that has spent time in one of these unique places knows that a coffee house is a refuge from time and the world outside.


They are literally designed for this purpose. You can hide away in a coffee house booth and live in the moment for hours on end.


Heading into the future, these are the Meinl moments we want to transport around the world with our coffee.

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