Let's make a difference Together

It's the small moments that make a world of difference. That's why this International Coffee Day, we’ll plant more than 12,000 in collaboration with the Jane Goodall Institute Austria on behalf of coffeehouses worldwide.

Dr. Jane Goodall, DBE

Every individual matters. Every individual has a role to play. Every individual makes a difference.


No doubt you’ve heard of her. She’s most renowned for her 60 years of ground-breaking work with chimpanzees and habitat preservation.


Her words resonate with us strongly at Julius Meinl and we believe in them full-heartedly.


There are similarities between this belief of hers and our sustainable future mission statement – we’re making the world a better place in small but meaningful steps that add up to big differences.


Obviously International Coffee Day is a big day in our calendar and usually we’re celebrating the beautiful beans that make the drink that we’ve committed our lives to. While we’ll still be doing that this year, we’ll also be planting a tree every time a coffee house around the world purchases a certified Julius Meinl product.



In partnership with the Jane Goodall Institute Austria, this initiative will aim to see more than 12,000 trees planted as part of their reforestation project in Tanzania - one of the countries where we source our coffee from.


The crowd at the Jane Goodall Institute are engaged in tireless work helping local communities to improve their health, education, and economic livelihoods in order to achieve protection of forest habitat.


Did you know that a single tree absorbs 60kg of carbon over a 10 year period as it grows? Every single tree that is planted will help in a big way.


Our partnership project will mean that the equivalent of 150 million coffees worth of carbon will be recaptured.*


As we said: small steps – big difference.


What we think Jane is getting at in her impactful words at the beginning of this post – and we reiterate in our mission statement – is that the task of fighting against climate change seems overwhelming, however, if everybody takes their part to play seriously, we can make a difference together.


© Chase Pickering


Our Sustainability Report for 2021 will be released in the upcoming weeks and this will reveal how seriously we take our social and ecological responsibilities, and how important it is that we all commit to making meaningful changes to combating climate change NOW.


Each time a customer purchases a limited edition product bundle, they’ll get a certificate signed by Jane Goodall and Julius Meinl to commemorate the planting of a tree in their name.


We’re excited by the fact that the cultural shift has already happened in favour of the planet – research shows that 70% of people (rightfully so) expect companies to behave sustainably.


We’re already taking serious steps to developing a sustainable coffee industry, and we’re asking our valued partners, and our customers, to join us in this endeavour.


© Kennedy E. Kitandwe


After all, working together has led to great things happening in the past.


To get involved as one of our partners, contact us so we can get the limited edition tree-planting product bundles out to you.


To learn more about how you can support the amazing reforestation efforts of the Jane Goodall institute in Tanzania, check out their website.


*Based on 10g coffee per cup, average CO2 emissions of 0.94kg carbon per 1kg of beans as of 2018.


What you do makes a difference, and you have to decide what kind of difference you want to make.

Dr. Jane Goodall, DBE

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