Our future. More than a moment.

At Julius Meinl, we feel a strong sense of responsibility to our planet as well as those involved at every stage of our coffee journey as we work together to bring premium quality to every cup.

The future of coffee for generations to come

We stand for the future of coffee just as much as we stand for its magnificent history.

As a fifth generation family business, it is up to us to take an active role in creating sustainable initiatives that will positively impact the entire coffee industry.

Our Sustainability Report

Julius Meinl has always had a responsibility to do what is best for our planet and coffee-farming communities facing increasing social, economic and environmental challenges.


In order to provide a closer look at our efforts so far, we have created our third Sustainability Report covering the years 2021 and 2022. Transparency towards our stakeholders is very important to us which is why we have decided a few years back to do this voluntary Sustainability Reporting. For this report we have now increased the coverage from our two main markets of Italy and Austria, where our production sites are also located, to three additional subsidiaries: Germany, Croatia, and Romania. We have also made a significant effort to report an increased number of KPIs. 

The period covered by this report has been very much influenced by major macro and geopolitical turbulences. We have regarded the crisis, however, as an opportunity to propel change. As an open mindset to adapt to ever faster changing environments, this is inherently embedded in the DNA of a company which celebrated 160 years of business in 2022. On the occasion of our celebrations, the Julius Meinl Company, our Shareholders and Management clearly outlined our commitment and dedication to a sustainable Julius Meinl.

Our Certificates


Through our own sustainability initiatives, transparent reporting and independently verified traceability of our coffee, our sustainable commitments become a reality.

In addition to the Julius Meinl Generations Program and Our Responsibly Selected Coffee Initiative, our Sustainability Portfolio includes a host of third-party awarded certifications.

These certificates count among some of our proudest achievements, and are the result of working together with partners who share our commitment to high quality, sustainable coffee.

Certificates currently awarded to Julius Meinl coffee products:

Fairtrade Certification. This ensures that the coffee importers, roasters and traders are guaranteed fair payment for their work.

EU organic Certification. The EU organic logo can only be used on products that have been certified as organic by an authorised EU control agency and fulfills conditions on how it must be produced, processed, transported and stored.

USDA organic Certification. This means our products are certified organic by the U.S. Department of Agriculture. 

Julius Meinl Generations Program


At Julius Meinl, we act responsibly to ensure meaningful moments for future generations. Our Generations Program focuses on building meaningful, long-term relationships with coffee farmers and local communities in selected countries origin, providing them with resources to set up sustainable businesses and pass on their coffee and market knowledge from generation to generation. 

In the Tolima region of Colombia, we provide trainings, technical assistance, coffee dryers and RFA certification to enhance farmers' sustainable businesses.

In the Lwengo region of Uganda, we focus on securing income stability by increasing production efficiency and profitability through individual trainings, technical support and equipment investments.


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One of the first 100% Home Compostable Capsules on the market

New capsules range that consists of 6 different capsules made from a fully home compostable material.

  • Made of a natural material derived from 100% Biobased cellulose and vegetal oil 
  • With 4 stars OK biobased certification 
  • Faitrade and organic certifications for part of range  
  • High oxygen barrier and non tearable filter top lid ensure perfect extraction

Biodegradable Coffee-to-go cups

As a contribution to waste reduction, we only use compostable coffee-to-go cups, lids and wooden stirrers.

Our coffee cups are 100% biodegradable and compostable, ensuring minimal environmental impact.

Join us in creating a greener tomorrow, one cup at a time.


Our Sustainability Policy

At Julius Meinl, we adhere to the principles of our corporate Code of Conduct, firmly adopting the Ten Principles of the United Nations Global Compact in the fields of Human Rights, Labour, Environment and Anti-Corruption and applying them to our business practices and operations. 


Furthermore our Sustainability Policy guides us in all our efforts to:

  • Embed sustainability into our product expertise, service orientation and the devotion to traditional Viennese coffee house culture, we provide our customers with.
  • It helps us to continue to develop our expertise and services in the field of economic, social, and environmental sustainability to open new markets and commercial opportunities.


Integrity, honesty, correctness, and respect form the basis of conduct of all those that work at Julius Meinl. Everyone at Julius Meinl understands this and complies with this policy.


As of 2021 we extend our corporate Code of Ethical Conduct also to our suppliers, intending to start a constructive dialogue on our mutual pathway into a post-pandemic, sustainable future for all.


Julius Meinl Supplier Code of Conduct