Earl Grey Hot Toddy: This Earl Grey & whiskey recipe will have you loving cosy winter nights


We’ve got the winter tea recipe with a special twist for you – a legendary flavour, largely owed to a legendary tea.


The Sustainable Coffee Christmas Advent Calendar: 24 Ways to Make Your Daily Coffee Ritual More Eco-friendly


Everybody loves an advent calendar, right? Well, this year at Julius Meinl, we thought we’d do something a little different – we’re forgoing giving a little chocolate for everyday leading up until Christmas and instead offering 24 little tips on how you can make your coffee drinking ritual more sustainable in a big way.


We are gifting coffee and planting trees with Jane Goodall this World Coffee Day


This World Coffee Day (Saturday, 1st October), we are making coffee drinkers’ daily cup all the more meaningful. In a unique partnership with environmental activism organisation, the Jane Goodall Institute (JGI), we will plant thousands of trees on behalf of our hospitality partners who serve their guests our responsibly sourced coffee, while gifting guests a 1+1 complimentary coffee voucher to celebrate their part in our sustainability initiative. | Photo: © Jane Goodall Institute


10 ways you can make your cafe or restaurant more sustainable in a way that will benefit your business


Making our businesses more sustainable and greener is a challenge that we all should be taking on, right? However, it isn’t easy to know where to start and how to implement greener practices, especially when you’re faced with the daily grind (coffee-related pun intended) of running a gastronomy business, like a cafe or restaurant. We hear ya’.


The past, present and future of coffee & tea told by Julius Meinl’s experts


Did you know coffee used to be sold as green beans? And according to our coffee expert, selling green bean coffee and home roasting will likely make a come back.


Two summer cocktail recipes that will have you never looking at a cup of tea the same again


Whether infused or thrown directly into the mix, tea adds a charismatic personality to the flavours of a cocktail. Not to mention an array of aromas.


Julius Meinl’s family secret recipe plus 160 years of expertise give birth to the new 1862 Vienna coffee concept


Christina Meinl’s grandfather used to begin every day with a blind coffee cupping session.

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