Viennese coffee house culture in a capsule

When people think of Viennese coffee houses, it's usually their uniquely relaxed atmosphere that springs to mind ­– an atmosphere wonderfully conducive to reflection. This is down to a number of factors. The charming and humorous waiters, the wonderful interiors, and of course the newspaper-reading guests who create an aura of timelessness and serenity. Especially important though is an excellent cup of coffee. We have interviewed Katharina Bartas, Global Senior Product Marketing Manager at Julius Meinl, who is responsible for providing tailormade and innovative solutions to hotel, restaurant and coffee house partners, as well as other business clients such as offices. We wanted to find out how top-quality coffee can be packaged into small capsules to provide that unique coffee house feeling at the touch of a button.

Mrs. Bartas, your role at Julius Meinl sounds very challenging. Which recent innovation are you particularly proud of?
Yes, it's certainly challenging. We're very proud of our Julius Meinl Inspresso Professional capsules . In combination with the right coffee machine, they are the perfect solution for many of our customers.


For which customers and purposes would you recommend Julius Meinl Inspresso Professional capsules? And how do they differ from other Julius Meinl business solutions?
The Julius Meinl Inspresso Professional concept is the perfect solution for all our customers who want to offer excellent coffee, the kind of quality you'd expect from a professional espresso machine, while still benefitting from the practical advantages of the capsule system.


What sets the Julius Meinl Inspresso Professional capsules apart?
We just recently revised the shape of the Inspresso Professional capsules – that means we can now fit even more coffee into each capsule, to guarantee a superb taste experience. We offer a broad selection of premium capsules, including the Espresso Classico, a Lungo 100% Arabica and an Espresso Decaf.


So, you're packing coffee house ambiance into small capsules for easy enjoyment?
(Laughs) Yes, I guess that's one way to describe it.


To serve professional coffee, you don't just need the right capsules, you also need an appropriate machine. Where can you find one?
There's no universally fitting reply to that. Every customer has different requirements. Our sales team is trained to establish precisely what these are and find the perfect bespoke solution for them. Questions such as "How many portions of coffee does the customer sell per day?" and "Have they got access to a water supply for the machine?" are key to defining what type of machine we recommend.


Using a concrete example, what would be an ideal machine for a medium to large hotel that is also a venue for regular meetings and talks?
For a hotel that regularly hosts events and meetings we would recommend the Saeco Area. The machine can prepare up to 60 coffees per day. Another advantage is the integrated milk tank. This enables the user to choose between four different milk quantities at the touch of a button.


What about a small restaurant that serves evening meals?
Apart from the previously mentioned Saeco Area, there's another good match for this scenario – a Rancilio portafilter kit. It enables the customer to use our Professional capsules on any Rancilio Espresso machine. This solution allows the quality provided by a professional espresso machine to be combined with significantly greater ease of use. In addition, the professional steam wand makes it easier to serve a wide selection of coffee variations – similar to those prepared by baristas.


Does the context of the setting also dictate what types of coffee are most in demand – such as after-dinner espresso in restaurants?
Yes, of course. Different circumstances require different types of coffee. That's why our Inspresso Professional range offers four different espressos: the classic blend for those who like typical Italian espresso, a 100% Arabica premium blend, a Forte version for those who prefer their coffee strong and a decaffeinated espresso.


Which Inspresso Professional coffee is your personal favourite?
Personally, I like the Espresso 100% Arabica. It's the perfect combination of high-quality Brazilian and Central American Arabica beans, resulting in an exceptional flavour profile.

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