Inspresso Professional: A tribute to Viennese coffee culture

All coffee lovers deserve to visit Vienna at least once to experience the timeless atmosphere of the local coffee houses. Imagine being able to recreate the charm of Viennese coffee houses and transforming ordinary coffee breaks into meaningful moments for your guests, customers, and employees. 

With our new Inspresso Professional capsules, anyone can make a cup of barista-quality coffee. All you need to do is choose your preferred blend, and a taste of Vienna is always just a moment away. 

Our blends: Exquisite quality coffee

What makes the Inspresso Professional coffee so delightful? The biggest revolution can sometimes be found in the smallest detail. We've redesigned our capsules by flattening the bottom and increasing the amount of ground coffee from 8 to 11 grams, giving every cup a fuller coffee wash that amplifies its aroma. These are our five exquisite quality blends at your disposal.


Inspresso Professional

Espresso Classico

A beautiful interpretation of a typical Italian Espresso which ends up as a very round and balanced coffee with a velvety cream. A nice intensity comes out of the first sip and harmonises perfectly with any milk recipe. The coffee is rich in nuances of dried fruits and hazelnut.

Intenzita: 8

Acidita: 5

Sladkosť: 6

Our machines: Barista-quality coffee at the push of a button

The new and improved capsules come hand in hand with new expertly calibrated machines, that allow for a more precise and full extraction. The result is an uncompromising coffee experience adaptable to your business needs and available at the push of a button, whether you want to bring a touch of Viennese culture to your hotel, café, restaurant, or office. 

Capitani Premium Plus

A wonderful addition to offices, or hotel meetings and banquets, with a recommended capacity of 15 - 30 Inspresso Professional capsules per day. 

Capitani Premium Plus

A wonderful addition to offices, or hotel meetings and banquets, with a recommended capacity of 15 - 30 Inspresso Professional capsules per day. 

Capitani Rubik

A versatile choice for offices, hotel breakfasts, meetings, and banquets, with a recommended capacity of 25 - 40 Inspresso Professional capsules per day.

Saeco Area

A perfect option for offices, with built-in milk recipes and a recommended capacity of 40 - 60 Inspresso Professional capsules per day.


A professional option for restaurants and cafés, with an unlimited capacity for providing moments that matter.

How may we serve you?

Julius Meinl is a family business, and our core value is best encapsulated by the motto: How may I serve you? We believe in building long-term relationships with our partners and customers, which is why you can rely on high-frequency visits of our sales team, to provide regular quality checks and machine maintenance. As a part of our family, it is also our duty to help you grow. Consider our extensive expertise and deep understanding of HORECA complexities as a tool that can support and direct your business decisions, provide marketing services and expert training.

Ponuky šité na mieru

Every offer you will receive from us will be designed based on your business and your business needs, to ensure that you get exactly what you are looking for from your coffee provider.


Ordering is made simple either digitally or by contacting your local representative.

Priame dodanie

We make sure the capsules and the machines are delivered directly to you, or to the business place you want.


Out team will deliver and install the machine. On top we provide the necessary training to ensure the best in cup quality.

Doplnkové služby

As in any partnership needs and wants might change through time. We are ready to adapt to the new  circumstances your business goes through and provide you with tailored solutions.

We think of everything so you don’t have to

World-class coffee is not just about the taste, but also about the service and its wonderful ability to enchant all the senses. That's why we provide everything you need for serving moments that matter - from glasses to napkins and biodegradable coffee-to-go cups, from sugar sticks to almonds, wafers, and biscuits. We think of everything so you don’t have to. We hope that by providing excellent service, you can, in turn, do the same for your guests, customers, and employees.

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