Cups and finishing touches

Think of a time when you really savoured a cup of coffee. It’s not just the taste of the drink, but the service, the presentation and its effect on all the senses. That’s why we are masters of those finishing touches that lift a coffee experience beyond good, to exceptional.

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The importance of the cup

Italian-Austrian designer Matteo Thun created the premium china range for Julius Meinl, including cups, saucers, glasses and much more. Our Trend Cup is amongst the most popular coffee cups and perfect for serving your customers’ favourite drink. The innovative design enhances the coffee by developing its full aroma and delicate taste. It’s a classic theme portrayed in a contemporary design.  

Inspired by Viennese coffee house culture

In the elegant coffee houses of Vienna, a ritual and atmosphere are created for customers. The coffee is traditionally served in a porcelain cup, presented beside a glass of water with a spoon balanced on top. All of this is brought to the table on a silver tray along with a newspaper.


Whether you’re recreating a traditional coffee house ritual or giving it a fresh and unique twist, we can provide the cups, accessories and branded items you may need. Speak to our team to discuss your needs.


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Coffee accessories and branded items

Beautifully branded accessories such as menu holders or presentation boxes, along with clean and crisp professional clothing, make your coffee and tea service memorable in the eyes of the customer.


You can go even further to enhance the experience with accompanying compliments and trade foods like almonds in chocolate, biscuits or wafers to take the coffee-drinking ritual a touch above.


This is the style and care that is appreciated by customers who are escaping the pressures of the day to sit down and enjoy coffee or tea. Speak to our team about the options we have to suit your business.   


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