Coffee and tea wrapped up in full concepts

Coffee and tea is enjoyed most when it’s wrapped up and perfectly presented. This means combining our premium products with state-of-the-art equipment and exceptional accessories like cups and presenters. Customers appreciate the whole sensory experience.

The story, the taste, the ritual, everything unites in a full concept

Be it coffee houses, restaurants, or hotels, Julius Meinl develops special concepts which cover the complete service. This includes the coffee or tea itself and the way it is prepared and presented to customers. Every detail is considered and every part works in harmony.


The Julius Meinl name is known worldwide for its uncompromising quality standards, service culture and spirit of innovation.

Through recent years, we have introduced many coffee and tea concepts in the sophisticated gastronomy industry that fit the needs of our clients.


We provide everything from the coffee or tea products to the equipment, accessories, finishing touches, communication materials and any training you may need.

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Our Full-concept solutions

1862 Premium ensures perfection

The 1862 experience was created to ensure the same premium coffee taste in every single cup served. It includes 100% Highland Arabica beans, grind-on-demand technology and a matte black 1862 cup with golden brushstrokes.

The Originals captivate customers

The essence of our small-lot roasted blends and single-origins can be found in the fascinating stories of farmers, roasters and baristas. These are our bean stories and every single one is an original.  

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Coffee expertise from bean the cup

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Tea expertise from plant to cup

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