Services and support for your business

As a family business, we believe in working hand-in-hand with all our clients in the food service and catering industry. Our team puts every effort into supporting you proactively, with tailored services to suit your enterprise. Let’s delight your customers and seize opportunities to grow.

A personal approach makes all the difference

A face-to-face chat … a nod hello … a personal approach. We are one of the few companies to carry out product deliveries personally. This dedicated approach extends to everything we do, through our ongoing support, barista training, machine maintenance, campaign ideas and much more.

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Exquisite premium coffee and tea

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Coffee equipment, cups and more

Create the right ambience for your customers with professional coffee machines, cups and compliments. We offer a full range, from espresso machines to barista tools, menu holders and branded light signs.


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Coffee and tea ... the perfect cup

What’s the secret to our beautiful coffees and teas?  The care and dedication we take through every part of the journey, from the leaf or bean on the farm or plantation right to the cup in your hand.


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