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Food and beverages are amongst the most essential revenue streams for hotels of all sizes and styles. As your partner, we'll help you maximize your offering with a wide range of premium coffee and tea, as well as room service, bar areas, and conference catering. With our support and expertise, you can rest assured that your guests will enjoy top-quality food and beverage services throughout their stay.

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As a fundamental part of a memorable hotel stay, your guests will recall an outstanding cup of coffee they enjoyed

Each hotel has its own distinct character, which requires a tailored approach to address its own requirements. Seeking to enhance your in-room stay? Interested in aligning the lobby coffee house atmosphere with your premium branding?

Julius Meinl is prepared to offer assistance through a variety of collaborative marketing initiatives, services and tailored product solutions.

Beans & ground coffee

We carefully select our coffee beans from the finest origins around the globe. This creates a unique collection of premium quality coffee blends suitable for every hotel coffee occasion, guaranteeing a great coffee experience for your guests.

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Professional capsules

Crafted to infuse your hotel stay with the essence of coffee house culture, our professional capsules are designed to mirror the impeccable quality of a barista, promising a consistent premium brew that will leave a lasting impression. 

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Wellness getaways are about pampering the body and mind. Discover the variety of teas at our disposal, explore user-friendly tools, and enjoy the elegant presentation materials that make every sip feel like a luxurious ritual. 

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Cups, equipment and more

When considering commercial coffee machines, the classic espresso machine is the first thought that comes to mind. On top of this essential piece of equipment, we supply hotels with everything they need, from elegant wooden tea displays to premium capsule machines, cups, aprons and finishing touches.

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Managing Director of Julius Meinl Austria

Christina Meinl

Hotels are an important customer base for us because they are able to offer a full spectrum of coffee drinking occasions whether it be breakfast, in-room or for events. The good news is that we offer premium solutions for each occasion.

How we elevate your hotel space

From breakfast to room service to the lobby and conferences, we support you to make the most of it with our premium coffee and tea solutions, as well as our full range of services. 

We offer perfect coffee and tea for your customers

Uplifting breakfast

Success begins by offering your guests an excellent start to their day. At Julius Meinl, we understand the need to efficiently serve many in a short time, maintaining the perfect balance of premium quality and cost efficiency. Be it hot drinks or self-service, we provide products, machines, and training to create meaningful breakfast experiences.

Welcoming lobby & bar

The hotel lobby and bar areas consistently captivate a diverse crowd, leaving an memorable impression. These versatile spaces offer the ambiance of a coffee house during the day and transform into a chic cocktail bar at night. Explore our selection of premium coffee and tea products, including convenient To-Go options, to elevate your offering. 

Lively conferences & events

Premium coffee and tea offerings contribute to keeping event attendees motivated and creatively engaged. Whether it's a seminar or a banquet setting, accommodating the preferences of sizable gatherings of business professionals or families is essential. We can bring you any tailored solution to suit the demands  of the event hosts and needs of the guests.

In-room service

A satisfying and convenient in-room coffee and tea experience is essential. Our team will assist you in ensuring that your guests can effortlessly indulge in hotel coffee and tea within their rooms. We are the hotel coffee supplier with a full range of products, a look and feel to complement your styling and the cost-efficiency required for a complimentary service.

Revitalizing spa & wellness area

Indulging in a wellness hotel getaway offers a delightful experience for both the body and mind. For such occasions, tea proves to be the ideal beverage, and we offer an exclusive selection that perfectly complements this setting. Explore user-friendly tea preparation tools, alluring presentation materials, and unique blends such as herbal teas.

Cups, equipment and more

While the classic espresso machine may be the first thing that comes to mind when considering hotel coffee equipment, our offerings extend far beyond. We provide a comprehensive range of solutions, including elegant wooden displays for tea, biodegradable capsules, premium capsule machines, a diverse selection of cups, stylish aprons, and all the finishing touches you need to enhance your guests' experience.

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