New Horizons: Uganda joins the Generations Program

Step into the world of coffee farming, where dedicated farmers invest their utmost efforts in producing the beans that fill our cups with morning magic. Coffee farming is not only a vital source of income for many local families, but also a labor of passion that requires strength and resilience. Despite its intensifying challenges and unpredictability, the life of a coffee farmer is filled with purpose and an unwavering commitment to their craft. 

We have a long track record of advocating for the preservation of the rich diversity of coffee culture. As we are mindful of the pressing challenges that coffee-producing countries face today, we have engaged in a process to support smallholders, local farmers and communities to understand their needs and work together towards a fairer and more sustainable coffee industry.

Julius Meinl’s first sustainability program in the Tolima region of Colombia has been a considerable success since its creation in 2018, starting with supporting 50 local farmers to now up to 200. The positive impact we’ve had on the local communities has been inspiring and has encouraged us to extend our sustainability efforts to other countries of origin.

Empowering future generations

Alongside Colombia, Uganda has now joined the Julius Meinl’s Generations Program in the Lwengo central region, starting from March 2023.

Together with our valued partner SAWA WORLD, we are actively working on implementing good, sustainable agricultural practices and setting up additional micro and crop businesses (local natural fertilizers businesses for instance). This way, we make sure our support leads to increased productivity (i.e. stumping, fertilizing, inter-cropping) and income diversification for the coffee families and local communities.

We strongly believe in encouraging sustainable practices, allowing coffee families to stay in business for years to come.

Drawing on our learnings from our support in Colombia, we aspire to make a lasting, meaningful impact on the coffee communities and on their future generations.

As a fifth-generation coffee & tea company, we strongly believe in the importance of passing on the valuable knowledge of coffee farming to future generations. By supporting local coffee families, we can help preserve the culture and heritage of coffee farming for years to come.

Julius Meinl Generations Program is independently verified by ENVERITAS, a non-profit third-party organization providing sustainability assurance to the coffee industry.

Through its support of the Julius Meinl Generations Program, The Originals Generations product line celebrates not only the artisanal craft of coffee and Viennese heritage but also its commitment to sustainable practices. With over 160 years of expertise, The Originals coffee blends, such as Vienna XVI, Red Door, and House Blend, are crafted by artisans for artisans, delivering unique and exquisite flavors expressing the passion and dedication of those who create them.

Julius Meinl Generations Program

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