Our commitment: Working towards a sustainable future

Understandably, for most, a cup of coffee blends seamlessly into a daily routine, with little thought paid to the steps that it takes to get there. For five generations, we’ve been obsessed with those very steps. And we’re just as obsessed with the impact that a cup of coffee has on the environment and the communities that produce it. 

With a passion that has been passed down through generations, we understand this comes with a responsibility to do our part in creating a sustainable future for the coffee industry. 


From the farmers who grow our beans to the baristas who serve our coffee, and the coffee-loving customers who drink it – we owe it to everyone involved to make a meaningful difference.


Here’s how we’re contributing to a sustainable future for the coffee industry:


1. We’re earning certifications that make our sustainability commitments a reality

We’re proud to have attained independently accredited certifications that mean real impact is felt on the ground. Our Fairtrade certification ensures all of those we work with us along our coffee value chain receive fair conditions and fair pay.


Meanwhile, our organic certifications – EU and USDA – signify our commitment to producing, processing, transporting and storing in a way deemed organic by independent bodies in the US and the EU.

2. We’re pioneering programs that make a difference

We’re carrying on the pioneering spirit baked into our heritage to take the world of coffee into a sustainable future. 


Our Responsibly Selected Coffee initiative promises that every cup you sip has been consciously sourced from suppliers who meet responsible standards of social, economic and environmental sustainability. 


Working with our supply chain partners, we’re heading towards full traceability from bean to cup, ensuring that every step of the process is sustainable.


Meanwhile, our Generations Program is all about making small, but meaningful steps that ensure meaningful moments for future generations. 


As a business that has been passed down through generations, we strongly believe that helping coffee-growing communities pass on knowledge to future generations is the core ingredient to a sustainable coffee industry. 


We make this possible by working hand-in-hand with communities, learning from their experiences and understanding their needs. By doing so, we can provide them with the impactful support they need to improve their sustainable practices, boost productivity, and pave the way for future generations to continue their legacy.

3. We’re transparently reporting on our progress

By publishing regular sustainability reports, we are keeping ourselves accountable when it comes to the progress we’re making with our efforts, and constantly reaffirming our commitment. This leads to us being sustainability stewards - on an economic, environmental and social level – in everything we do. 

4. We’re innovating to make our products sustainable

We believe that sustainability is a critical pillar of research and development. From products to packaging, we are firm believers in sustainable development, meeting the needs of our consumers while also thinking about future generations. 


The fact that our 100% home compostable capsule product range was one of the first to hit the market was no coincidence, yet a statement – we’re all in when it comes to inventing new solutions that accelerate the coffee world's transition to a sustainable future. 

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