World Coffee Day 2022: Planting trees with Jane Goodall

This World Coffee Day, we partner with the Jane Goodall Institute to plant trees on behalf of our hospitality partners. Guests receive a 1+1 coffee voucher to celebrate their part in our sustainability initiative.

As part of our wider push to make the coffee value chain more sustainable, we are continuing our collaboration with the Jane Goodall Institute Austria and donating funds to see thousands of trees planted as part of their reforestation initiative in Tanzania – one of the regions from which Julius Meinl sources our coffee.

Photo: © Jane Goodall Institute

Every hospitality outlet that chooses to serve Julius Meinl’s responsibly sourced coffee will have a tree planted on their behalf.

Did you know that a single tree will absorb 60 kg of carbon over a decade? This will see more than 150 million coffees worth of CO2 sequestered.


Including the seedlings planted last year as part of a similar initiative, we are aiming to plant more than 20 thousand trees together with the Jane Goodall Institute.


Our coffee-loving community that orders a responsibly sourced Julius Meinl coffee from a participating outlet on World Coffee Day will also be pledging their support for the initiative. 


Julius Meinl will then reward this caffeinated crowd for making the conscious choice with a 1+1 complimentary coffee voucher. Guests will be invited to redeem the voucher at the same outlet when revisiting in October. 

‘Customers are being asked to give up a lot in this age of ethical consumerism, which makes sense – making conscious decisions that consider the environment and social impact is something we support, practise and encourage – but we don't want you to have to give up that special moment of the day you spend with your coffee,’ says 5th generation family member, Julius Meinl's Managing Director and Trustee at the Jane Goodall Institute, Christina Meinl.



In this doubling down on the company’s commitment to go sustainable, we’re saying to coffee lovers: ‘You enjoy the moment, and we’ll do the rest.’


‘We are cultivating sustainable, worldwide change by transforming lives, and how coffee is produced,’ says Christina Meinl. 

Photo: © Jane Goodall Institute

Pioneering home compostable packaging for some of the Julius Meinl products will be unveiled in autumn 2022 as a result of considerable investment in R&D.


‘As we grow, our responsibility to the environment and society grows and that’s something we take very seriously,’ says Christina Meinl.


‘Julius Meinl has been part of the change in the past and we will continue to be part of the change that takes us into a future in which the coffee industry is more sustainable.’


‘Small but meaningful steps’ is the company’s ethos that our sustainability plan is built upon. This is evident in our Columbian Heritage Project that is seeing real, on-the-ground change, and improving the lives of the farmers we work with in Colombia.


‘With a regularly released sustainability report to track our progress, and guide us on where we’re going, we are adopting the same forward-thinking approach that our founder once did as we do our part in creating a better and more sustainable coffee industry,’ says Christina Meinl. 


You enjoy the coffee, we'll do the rest!

We’re dedicating World Coffee Day 2022 to our commitment to make coffee better for you, and future generations

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