Julius Meinl Generations Program

At Julius Meinl, we act responsibly to ensure meaningful moments for future generations. Our Generations Program focuses on building meaningful, long-term relationships with coffee farmers and local communities in selected countries origin, providing them with resources to set up sustainable businesses and pass on their coffee and market knowledge from generation to generation. 


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Empowering Future Generations

Julius Meinl is a business built on generations. By joining the Julius Meinl Generations Program, farmers are provided with tailored support to pass on thriving, sustainable coffee businesses from generation to generation. Our projects have a special focus on securing income stability by increasing production efficiency and profitability through individual trainings, technical support and equipment investments.


Supporting coffee farmers and local communities.


Improving coffee quality through good agricultural practices.


Securing future generations.

Colombia, Tolima region
Uganda, Lwengo region

4 levels of support

Our support in Colombia

Trainings, equipment investments and RFA certification support to increase production efficiency, profitability and coffee quality.

Our support in Uganda

Trainings, coachings, optimizing good agricultural practices and support to set-up secondary income streams.

Where to next?

We are currently planning the expansion of the program to new locations. Our selection process involves consulting with local communities to ensure the assistance we can provide corresponds to their needs.

ENVERITAS verification

Julius Meinl Generations Program is independently verified by Enveritas to ensure that all resources, training and technical assistance we provide will have a lasting, meaningful impact for coffee-growing communities.

Discover our Generations Program Products

1862 Vienna

Enjoy our award-winning 1862 Premium Blend, created for life´s most exquisite moments. Roasted in Vienna, this coffee is a dark and slow roast, resulting in a strong, full-bodied espresso. It was awarded the prestigious 3-star superior taste award by the International Taste Institute.

The Originals "Generations"

In Julius Meinl The Originals coffee products, every bean has a story. From the coffee farmer, to the packaging illustrator, to the roasting master, to the barista, The Originals represent craftmanship, made by artisans for artisans. Roasted in Vienna, The Originals "Generations" is a collection of 100% Arabica blends roasted in Vienna.

Super Premium Coffee for Business

Our super premium Generations Program coffees for businesses offer the finest aroma and taste, allowing your guests to savour their coffee moments to the fullest. Our 1kg bean blends in the collection include Vienna Espresso Spezial, Poesia and Bar Speciale. 

Premium Collection Espresso Arabica

Carefully selected 100% Arabica beans from the leading coffee plantations of Brazil, Central America and Colombia give this espresso a fresh, nutty flavour, a delicate, sweet aftertaste and a remarkably soft crema


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Premium Collection Caffè Crema

Finest Arabica beans from Brazil, Central America and Colombia, as well as selected Robusta beans from Asia give this blend its velvety crema and intense aroma with shades of hazelnut. Ideal for preparation with milk.


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